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Low Cost Voice Over Studio
Voiceover Studio
This is for those who are searching for creating a voiceover recording space.   A studio is technically baffling and can cost thousands. For those that want to make a living at voice acting you will want to read on.
Selecting the room
A key point in creating a space for voice work is that it is free from outside noise.  Creating a room inside a room is your best solution. Make sure your next step is to use professional acoustic materials to control sound reflections.
Selecting voiceover equipment
Your choices in microphones are so vast it will boggle the mind.  A rule of thumb for microphones is to buy the most expensive one you can afford.  But if buying a Neumann is out of your price range start with the RE-320 shown here to the right.  Don’t forget your Pop filter, preamp, stand and computer software.  Whether you choose studio speakers or studio headphones, you will want to spend your money here too.  I am glad I started with headphones because it cuts out everything but what you are listening to.  A good pair to start with would be DT 770 PRO.  Your cable is important but don’t buy that hyped up Brand Cable because that is all it is over branded and expensive, yes I am serious.  Need more info on my mic read my RE20 vs RE320 comparison guide
Some Simple Suggestions
Your local audio store is going to love you when you ask them you want to build a home voice over studio, but let’s not do that! Their knowledge is going to be based on music and recording music, not dry voice.  Voice has its own rules and has nothing to do with Bon Jovi. Read everything you can from forums and reviews, then take everything you read with a grain of salt.  Everybody has such a limited knowledge and perspective you are not going to get the full picture.  Remember your first purchase is a starting point and nothing more. The microphone that I use today is not what I started with and its going to be the same with you. Listen, read, learn and then make a decision because only then you can find what works best for you. If it doesn't work out sell it on Ebay and start again.

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