Allison Hamblin

Author and Female Voice Overs

Desperate for work

Don't under estimateFinding yourself desperate for work, can make your judgment cloudy.  Don't fall into paying someone first for the chance to do work later. Even if they are a casting agency you could find yourself at the end of their line.  So let me be clear do not pay someone to hire you.  Real agencies don't work that way, they get a percentage of your work that they book for you.  Education is one thing taking your money for the promise of work is completely another.  It reminds me of the horror stories in the modeling industry, so let's get the word out so we can put a stop this before it happens to you or a friend.

Voice over dos and don'ts

  • Do invest in the promotion of your business
  • Don't pay money to someone that promises work
  • Do create a portfolio of your work
  • Don't under estimate your talent
  • Do put yourself out there to find work (Think internships)

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