Allison Hamblin

Author and Female Voice Overs

Professional Voice Overs Done Right!

Allison provides voice overs for radio, TV, narration, commercials, promos, liners, sweepers, on hold messages, corporate narrations and training modules.  Her voice is inviting, crisp and professional.  A proven actor, she brings a passion and extensive experience to every challenge.  She has her own digital studio, which allow her to offer professional services at reasonable rates.

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Allison Hamblin Voice Over Talent
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International Voice Work
    Can you find your country above?, If it's green you might have heard me on the radio, TV, or phone system, now that's pretty cool!

Need help getting started, drop me a line, I can help you get started today. With an extensive background in voiceovers, television and radio,  it allows me to deliver various vocal styles and accents:

  • Conversational, Real Person, and Friendly
  • Professional Business
  • Compassionate, Warm and Caring
  • Fun and Exciting
  • Enthusiastic, High-Energy, Playful
  • Characters and Accents

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Big and exciting things are happening here that I would like to share.  No you don’t have to dress up in a black tie to hear this exciting news. But if you would like the best female voice that is devoted to you without the shenanigans give me a call or e-mail. In addition to that always check back I will be posting more voice overs samples for your enjoyment. Creative people live here.


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